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Andre Bisson 8 Piece Acoustic Band performing in Hamilton on May 12 at The Staircase Cafe
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What people are saying

  •   “With a title like Left With the Blues, that’s what I was expecting to pull from this batch of songs, but there is so much going on here I was delighted as each track  grabbed me and took on some really cool, unexpected side trips. This is a perfect album”.

    John the Rock Doctor Kereiff
  • "Left With The Blues veers from soulful ballads to jumpy blues numbers that ignite sparks like metal on flint. This is a robust blues album that leaves an impression.”    

    Invisible Ink
  • “If the latest CD from local guitar master Andre Bisson, Till the Real Thing Comes Along doesn't get you movin', you better check your pulse. This is the kind of music that's perfect for grooving' and having' a good time."

    Luis AveryHamilton Blues Lovers

Recent Releases.

All 6 Albums have been Arranged & Produced by Andre. Using the power of a 10 piece band, each release combines old school soul with modern day blues. On the last release “Left With The Blues”, Andre had the pleasure of working with great musicians such as Piano/B3 player Jesse O’Brien (Colin James Band), Jason Logue, Rob Somerville, Pat Collins, and Jerome Godboo.

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